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Will PicoSearch work with CGI and ASP? (ASP.Net tips)

Yes. Your search engine is fully hosted, so it's all just internet addresses to PicoSearch. PicoSearch indexes the web pages that come over the internet for any length web addresses; like your own visitors, PicoSearch doesn't care how the pages are made behind the scenes. You are welcome to try a Free account and just see how it goes - if any issues arise, then you can contact us.
CGI is the "common gateway interface" convention for tacking arguments onto the end of web addresses, so that pages can be generated with some variation by scripts on your server. PicoSearch will index the links it finds on your site and refer to them by the same addresses for future visitors, so your links can be scripts and arguments. A typical CGI link would look like If you need to trim or adjust CGI args, that can be set for in your account manager after you have completed the basic sign-up.
ASP (Active Server Pages) is fine by PicoSearch, because like CGI it just means more urls to follow, often with extra information tacked on in arguments to the server software that generates web pages. If your ASP has its own password protection, you may need to pass the login arguments explicitly to set a cookie, or else provide a back door for PicoSearch, as described in this FAQ on Password Protection.
ASP.Net is a kind of ASP system which may create a certain problem, not just with PicoSearch but with third party internet services in general. In certain configurations ASP.Net can monopolize the web form, preventing you from sending data to anyone else outside of your site's server, whether that be a search engine or shopping cart or whatever. The simplest solution for using PicoSearch is just to call your search engine with a simple text link, so there's no form data, and the user goes straight into your search engine's result page to do their searching. See "How to Add a Search Box" in your account manager for the text link format.
More complex ASP.Net solutions may be found on the internet, since trying to make ASP.Net use another HTML form is a well-known challenge. You might try calling PicoSearch directly from your server scripts, so ASP.Net still controls and formats everything but your server shows PicoSearch's results. Another possibility we saw mentioned in some places is using javascript to trick the ASP.Net into still running on the server (runat="server"). Then your ASP server controls like Button will work, but the call can go out to a new URL. We don't know how well it works, but it might look something like the following. Compare to "How to Add a Search Box" in your account manager for the omitted details of a PicoSearch search box.
<form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server"
onsubmit="document.Form1.action = '';">
<input type="hidden" name="index" value="YOUR-ACCOUNT-NUMBER">
<input type="text" name="query" value="">
<asp:Button Runat="server" BorderWidth="0" ID="submit" AlternateText="Search">

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