Help with PicoSearch

How can I get the cursor to appear automatically (set focus) in my search box?

Note: This technique will work for paying accounts only because it requires modifying the design template for the search results page. Free accounts have limited control of a default design.
Ordinarily when your website visitors use your search function, they have to click in the search box on your search results page in order to search again. For their convenience, you might want a cursor to appear automatically in the search box, so that they could just type in another query without first clicking on the box. You can accomplish this by adding this onload attribute to your opening body tag in your results template:
For example, your opening body tag might appear as follows:
<body bgcolor="white" onload="document.forms.picoform1.query.focus()">
To set the focus on the search box in your own web pages, you can use the same trick, just add the attribute  id=picoform1  inside the search box <form ...> tag.

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